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The Board maintains 11 Kms of metalled roads and 8.60 Kms of unmetalled roads and 13 Kms Metalled Road Managed by PWD.

The electricity is being supplied by the Uttarakhand Power Corporation Limited. Complaints received in respect of street lighting, which is maintained by Cantonment Board, Ranikhet,

Engineering section will be attended at all working time for change/replacement of defective street lights sets.

Wherever possible the householders can apply for sewer connection and if allowed can get the
connection made under the supervision of the Board staff. The Board has provided drainage system almost in all
residential area which is in well maintained stage.




  • Water complaints, water leakage : within 1 to 24 hours.

  • Repair of cement, plaster, flooring, : within 15 days

  • wood work, renewing glass panas.


  • Replacement of doors/windows, shutters : within 5 to 6 months renewing of large size glass panes, seepage from roof, major repairs to flooring etc.
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Building Plans.
Whoever intents to erect or re-erect any building in Cantonment, is required to apply on prescribed application form for sanction by giving notice in writing to the Cantonment Board office. The construction activities are accordingly regulated in terms of Cantt. acts and in conformity with the Building bye-laws of Cantonment Board. Process of Mutation Apart from normal municipal functions, the Board undertakes the process of mutation also as most of the land in the Cantt Board's jurisdiction is defence land.

  • Application for mutation is submitted in the office on any working day on the prescribed proforma in Forms A&C available on payment.

  • Defects if any is intimated to the applicant within 30 days.

  • After rectification of defects if any the site is inspected for ensuring non-violation of Government-prescribed terms & conditions.

  • Violations found, if any is intimated to the applicant within 45 days of the application.

  • All clear cases is considered by the civil Area Committee in it's immediately next meeting and after the Board's final confirmation objections is invited by public notice in news papers at the cost of the applicant.

  • Objections received, if any, is considered and suitably disposed off by the Civil Area Committee/the Board and final mutation is either approved or turned down by the Board.

  • Then the amendments, if need , in the GLR is made as per the Board Resolution under the Executive Officer's signature.

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