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Ranikhet is a Class-I Cantonment Board. The Board consists of 14 members including 7 elected members. However since 03.03.03 the constitution of the Board has been varied by the Govt. of India and present Board is constituted under Section 14 (2) by the Govt. of India.

Sl No.Designation  Name
1.President   Brig A Bhuyan
2. Vice President  Shri Mohan Negi
3. Secretary Member  Sh. PRAMOD KUMAR SINGH SINGH (IDES)
4. Elected Member  Shri Bhuwan Chandra Arya
5. Elected Member  Shri Sanjay Pant
6. Elected Member  Smt. Bindu Rautela
7. Elected Member   Shri Vinod Chandra
8. Elected Member   Smt. Archana Pathak
9. Elected Member  Shri Sukrti Sah
10. Magistrate Member  Shri Prakash Chandra,ADM
11. Nominated Member  Col. Chander Kant Sharma
12. Nominated Member  Col. A.K .Thakur
13. Ex. Officio Member  Col. D. Pathak
14. Ex. Officio Member    Mr. N.S. Raju,GE

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