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Finance Committee Board Proceeding

Copy of proceedings of Civil Area Committee meeting of Cantonment Board, Ranikhet held on 3rd July, 2018 at 10.00 A.M. in the Conference Room of the Cantonment Board, Ranikhet.


1. Shri Mohan Negi - Chairman

2. Miss Jyoti Kapoor - Member Secretary

3. Shri Bhuwan Chandra Arya - Elected Member

4. Shri Sanjay Pant - Elected Member

5. Smt. Bindu Rautela - Elected Member

6. Shri Vinod Chandra - Elected Member

7. Shri Sukrit Sah - Elected Member

8. Smt. Archana Pathak - Elected Member


1. Col. Harish Sethi - Ex-Officio Member

2. Maj. Manjinder Singh - Ex-Officio Member

P r o c e e d I n g s

1. MUTATION IN RESPECT OF SY. NO. 99/288 (Near Roadways Station)

It is submitted that Col. (Retd) Narendra Singh Bisht s/o late Shri Balwant Sigh Bisht has requested for mutation in Sy. No. 99/288 in favour of legal heirs of Shri Balwant Singh Bisht.

As per record available in this office, the site comprising GLR Sy. No. 99/288 measuring 0.523 acres. held on Old Grant and lease land, is entered in GLR in the names of S/Shri Kishan Lal Sah, Shyam Lal Sah s/o the late Shri Ratan Lal Sah, S/Shri Yashwant Singh, Balwant Singh s/o Shri Kushal Singh and S/Shri Govind Singh Bisht s/o Shri Yashwant Singh Bisht , Shri Deepak Garg s/o Shri N.K. Garg, Harish Kumar, Shri Kailash Chandra Jointly.

It is also submitted that, as per sale deed 06-09-2003, the names of S/Shri Govind Singh Bisht s/o Shri Yashwant Singh Bisht, Shri Deepak Garg s/o Shri N.K. Garg , Shri Harish Kumar s/o Shri Kailash Chandra Agarwal has been entered in the GLR of Sy. No. 99/288 alongwith other co-shareres jointly in place of Shri Dalip Singh s/o late Shri Kushal Singh vide C.B.R. No. 5, dated 02-11-2006.

Afterthat Shri Govind Singh Bisht s/o late Shri Yashwant Singh Bisht has sold a shop situated in 152 sqft area in Sy. No .99/288 to Shri Prem Singh Bisht s/o late Shri Trilok Singh Bisht vide sale deed dated 22nd March, 2013.

It is petinent to mention here that as per GLR column No. 5 (Description) of Sy. No. 99/288 the site is mentioned as H. Nos. 314, 314/1. But, as per sale deed dated 22nd March, 2013, the seller has sold a shop situated in 152 sqft area in Sy. No. 99/288 to Shri Prem Singh Bisht s/o late Shri Trilok Singh Bisht. It means the site is being used for commercial purpose also, which attracts the change of purpose in Sy. No. 99/288 and a part of Sy. No. 99/288 has been sold through sale deed dated 06-09-2003 and sale deed dated 22nd March, 2013, which causes the sub division of site is also involved in the site. But the said breaches have not been done by the applicant. The applicant only applied for mutation on inheritance basis after death of his father late Shri Balwant Singh Bisht.

The Engineering section reported dated that 26.12.2017, breach of old grant terms is involved in Sy. No. 99/288 as sub division of site, change of purpose and unauthorized construction, which is not done by applicant.

Hence the matter is placed before the Civil Area Committee for consideration.


1. Considered and committee recommended to identify the such type of cases & put up again in ensuing meeting of Civil Area Committee. The committee also recommended to obtain legal advice in respect of Sy. No. 99/288.


Ref:- Legal Adviser letter dated 19-02-2016 under section 144 & 297 of Cantonment Act, 2006 & CBR No. 22, dated 22-07-2016.


To consider the matter pertaining to issue of notice under section 144 to residents of the Cantonment for repair of dilapidated buildings which are in an insanitary stage and repair/restoration of buildings which area dangerous to persons passing by or dwelling in the neighbourhood.

With reference to aforementioned sections of the Cantt Act, 2006, the CBLA has rendered his valuable advice vide report dated 19-02-2016, i.e. “I have perused some photographs of dilapidated condition of the building concern. Cantonment law does not permit any building in ruinous or in dilapidated condition. The intention of the Legislature is that every dwelling place must be fit for human habitation. In case any building is in dilapidated and ruin

ous condition, then the permission for repairing should be given.

In this regard, intention of the Legislature is clearly laid down under the provisions of Section 297 as well as 144 of the Cantonment Act, 2006. Therefore, I am of the considered opinion that the application of allowed.” PCB vide its resolution No. 22, dated 22-07-2016 directed that a suomoto inspection be done by CEO of all such properties to enable the Cantonment Board to such cases not reported.

In view of the above buildings has been identified by the draughtsman /JE/SI vide their reports for issue of notices under section 144 and 297.

1. Smt. Janki Bisht - Sy.No. 99/90

The Civil Area Committee may consider the matter accordingly.

Relevant file is placed on the table


2. Considered and committee recommended to notices under section 144 and 297 of Cantt Act 2006 to Smt. Janki Bisht in Sy. No. 99/90.


To review the sanitary conditions in Ranikhet Cantonment area.


It is submitted that the Cantonment Board Ranikhet has been awarded as 3 rd Cleanest Cantonment award in Swachh Survekshan 2018 by Hon’ble Union Minister (independent charge) MoHUA, Govt. of Inida on 23 rd June 2018 which is a remembrance achievement for Ranikhet Cantt. The Cantonment Board has also been recertified as Open Defecation Free area after third party verification on 19-03-2018.

In last two months, the Cantonment Board has installed 50 pair of hanging steel dustbins on several places and 4 bio toilets have also been procured, Repairing of community toilets and urinals is under progress, tenders have also been invited for catching of stray cow, ox etc and transportation to Gaushala, 38 retro reflective boards have been installed in cantt area for awareness of general public regarding cleanliness.

Overall sanitary conditions of cantt area is good.

The matter is placed before Civil Area Committee for review of sanitary conditions in Cantt Area.


3. Considered and discussed. Committee recommended to install more dustbins in public places and Shri Mohan Negi, Chairman, Civil Area Committee recommended to impose fine of Rs. 50 to 100/- on the peoples who do not use dustbins properly and throw the garbage in public places. Committee also recommended that the support of general public is also required.


To consider the matter regarding laying of underground sewer line & installation of sewerage treatment plant.


It is submitted that a survey has been done by Deccan Technical Consultant LLP Pune for the installation of sewerage treatment plant at Kilghar near village Arolli. During survey it was found that concern land is situated on Sy No. 3 classified as B-4 land which is also a better place for the installation of STP as the land is situated far from the city & the lowest point of Ranikhet Cantonment Board so that our maximum of sewerage flow directly in concern of gravitational force. Keeping in view the hygienic & sanitation point of view for the betterment of sewerage for cantt public, installation of STP is necessary. It is pertinent to mention here that letter has been forwarded to DEO regarding the grant of long term lease in respect of sy no. 3 at kilghar for installation of STP. Proposal for installation of STP has already been forwarded to PPDE lucknow vide this office letter No 116/ADM/STP/18 dated 31st January 2018. Hence board may propose for reclassification as following.

The detail of land is as under:-

Sr No.

Name of Location


Survey No.

Area (in Acres)

Proposed land for Installation of STP (in Acres)







As per Forest Conservation Act 1980, the compensation for exchange of forest land to no forest land is exempted beyond 1 hectare (2.47 acres).

The Civil Area Committee may consider the matter accordingly.

Relevant file is placed on the table


4. Considered and recommended to forward a proposal to higher authorities for reclassification of land from B-4 to C and also recommended to forwarded reminder in previous proposals which pending at the level of higher authorities.


Reference Cantonment Board resolution No. 50, dated 12-12-2013 and CBR No. 30, dated 17-10-2013.


It is stated the tenders were invited vide this office letter No. 214/Nivida/13, dated Sept 23rd, 2013 for catching monkeys by publishing it in the news paper “ Dainik Jagran & Rashtriya Sahara”. Three valid quotations could be received by this office in the stipulated period, among which the lowest rates have been quoted by Shri Abid Ali s/o Shri Jafar Ali, Delhi Gate. Chata (Mathura), Uttar Pradesh @ ` 280/- each monkey and Rs. 18,000/- for transportation charges of team. Shri Abid Ali has agreed to catch the monkeys on the following rates and conditions:

1. Rs. 280/- for each small/big monkey.

2. Food for monkeys will be provided by the Board.

3. Caught monkeys will be left by the Board by its own vehicle.

4. To provide accommodation for team.

5. Food for team will be provided by the Board.

6. Vehicle will be provided by the Board for team.

7. Total payment will be made in cash.

The matter was placed before the Board vide its resolution No. 17-10-2013 and Board resolved that the rates quoted by Shri Abid Ali s/o Shri Jafar Ali, Delhi Gate, Mathura be directed to negotiate the rates for catching monkey as the quoted lowest rates seems on higher side. In the meantime the lowest bidder has agreed to do this work @ Rs. 250/- each small/big monkey & Rs. 300/- per day for food of monkey will be provided by the Board. The matter was again placed before the board and the board vide CBR No. 50, dated 12-12-2013 considered the rates of the contractor seem higher side and the tender was cancelled.

In this connection this office approached to State Forest Department and the State Forest Department vide their letter No. 6-1, dated Jan 8 th, 2014 informed this office that :-

“1. izR;sd uxj fuxe] uxj ikfydk] uxj iapk;r ds eq[; uxj vf/kdkjh }kjk cUnjksa ds vkrad dh ?kVukvksa dh lwpuk izkIr djus gsrq ,d uksMy vf/kdkjh ukfer djsxsa rFkk ,d gsYiykbZu uEcj dk foKkiu fd;k tk;sxk ftl ij uxjoklh vius vius {ks= dh leL;k, le; ls lwfpr dj ldsaA ;g dk;Zokgh ,d ekg ds vUnj iw.kZ dh tk;sA

2- izR;sd 'kgjh {ks= gsrq lEcfU/kr eq[; uxj vf/kdkjh@dk;Zdkjh vf/kdkjh }kjk cUnj idM+us esa n{krk j[kus okys O;fDr;ksa dk p;u djds ,d cUnj jsLD;w ny rS;kj fd;k tk,xkA

3- bl ny esa ou foHkkx ds ,d izfrfuf/k rFkk LFkkuh; fudk;ksa ds ,d izfrfuf/k Hkh ukfer fd;s tk;sxsaA bl ny ds iathdj.k gsrq lEcfU/kr izHkkxh; oukf/kdkjh dks bl ny ds xBu dh lwpuk izsf"kr dh tk;sxhA

4- lEcfU/kr izHkkxh; oukf/kdkjh }kjk mudks izfrfu/kkf;r 'kfDr;ksa dk lnqmi;ksx dj bu Vksfy;ksa dk ,d lIrkg ds vUnj iathdj.k dj mUgsa fu/kkZfjr 'krksZa ds vUrxZr cUnjksa dks idM+s gsrq vuqefr nh tk;sxhA

5- bl izdkj iathd`r Vksfy;ksa dks as and when required basis ij eq[; uxj vf/kdkjh }kjk cqyk;k tk;sxk ftuds ikfjJfed] yksftfLVDl] fpfdRlk O;;] cUnj idM+s rFkk muds vU;= NksM+us rd dk leLr O;; lEcfU/kr uxj bdkbZ }kjk vius fu/kkZfjr njksa ij ogu fd;k tk;sxkA

6- cUnjksa dks idM+us gsrq i;kZIr fiatM+k] tky] Hkkstu vkfn dh mfpr O;oLFkk izR;sd uxj bdkbZ }kjk le; ls fd;k tk,xkA

7- cUnjksa ds mRikr epkus dh lwpuk feyus ij lEcfU/kr uxj bdkbZ }kjk rRdky muds }kjk xfBr cUnj jkgr ny dks lwfpr fd;k tk;sxk rFkk mudks ?kVuk LFky ij igqpkus gsrq leLr O;oLFkk;sa dh tk;sA ;g lwfuf'pr fd;k tk;s fd lwpuk feyus ds 15 fnu ds vUnj jkgr dk;Z izkjEHk gksA”

Accordingly the matter was again placed before the board and the board vide CBR No. 32 dated 20-03-2014 decided that nodal officer should be nominated by CEO & the help line number will be 05966-220228. Monkey rescue squad will be selected through quotation/tendering process. Rep. of Forest Department will be included, Rep. of autonomous/local body will be the member of Cantonment Board, which will be Vice President. Permission through Forest Department should be taken and registration should be done and other formalities should be completed under intimation to PDDE, CC, Lucknow.

In compliance with the above board resolution, a committed was constituted by this office consisting 3 members i.e. Deputy Ranger, Vice President and one forest guard of State Forest Department.

In this connection this office has a provided list of places where problem of monkey menace has to faced vide this office letter No. 214/ Atanki Bandar/17, dated 12 Sept, 2017. But it is mentioned in the guidelines provided by State Forest Dept. that the above committee has to identify the dangerous monkey and only dangerous monkey can be caught under this guidelines.

It seems difficult to identify the dangerous monkey amongst hundreds of monkey.

Hence the matter is placed before the Civil Area Committee for consideration

Relevant file is placed on the table.


5. Considered and recommended to inform the Station Headquarter regarding efforts made by Cantonment Board office to get rid of monkey menace. The committee recommended to invite fresh tender for catching of monkeys. It is also recommend by the committee to hire a NGO for catching of stray cow and ox etc and transportation to the Gaushala.


1. Shri Sanjay Pant, Elected member requested for lopping of trees in A-1 land in Kumpur area. The CEO informed the committee that the permission of DEO Bareilly is required for lopping of trees standing on A-1 land the CEO also stated that a list of trees standing of A-1 land will be prepared by the office and the proposal will be forwarded to DEO Bareilly for obtaining NOC regarding lopping of trees.



Sd/- xx xx xx Sd/- xx xx xx

Member Secretary Chairman, Civil Area Committee,

Cantt. Board,Ranikhet. Cantt. Board,Ranikhet.