Members of the Board

Ranikhet is a Class-I Cantonment Board. The Board consists of 14 members including 7 elected members. However since 03.03.03 the constitution of the Board has been varied by the Govt. of India and present Board is constituted under Section 14 (2) by the Govt. of India.

Sl No.DesignationName
1.President Brig G S RATHORE
2. Vice PresidentShri Mohan Negi
3. Secretary MemberShri Abhishek Azad (IDES)
4. Elected MemberShri Bhuwan Chandra Arya
5. Elected MemberShri Sanjay Pant
6. Elected MemberSmt. Bindu Rautela
7. Elected Member Shri Vinod Chandra
8. Elected Member Smt. Archana Pathak
9. Elected MemberShri Sukrti Sah
10. Magistrate MemberVacant,ADM
11. Nominated MemberCol. S.S. Karhade
12. Nominated MemberCol. Harish Sethi
13. Ex. Officio MemberCol. S .Shorot
14. Ex. Officio Member Maj. Shyam Nayar

Cantonment Board is a body corporate created under a central statute called Cantonment Act 1924 now amended as Cantt.Act 2006, working under the administrative control of the ministry of defence and entrusted with the municipal and developmental functions in respect of a cantonment. The Board is constituted under section 13 of the cantonment act through procedure prescribed therein.